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First Need XLE Purifier

First Need XLE Water PurifierThe new First Need® XLE™ Elite portable water purification system  is available in Canada.   The First Need XLE  Elite is the latest model in the evolution of the award winning First Need portable line of water purifiers which were first introduced in the late 1970’s.

We had safe water to drink the whole 33,487 km through 36 countries.”  Team Offtrax

The First Need XLE introduces great new features including;

  • Robust Durability – Increased XLE Elite  canister strength allows 2 to 3 times greater resistance to damage from dropping and  other physical shocks.
  • Improved Sanitation – Innovative new Cleanout Port creates more effective and convenient canister cleaning without hose removal and flow reversal, reducing accidental contact with “dirty” water.
  • Extended Capacity – Quick and Easy Cleanout configuration extends canister life with greater, more efficient silt and debris removal.
  • Economic Savings – Capacity increased by 20%.  New XLE Elite canister is compatible with all First Need, First Need Deluxe and First Need XL systems.

The First Need XLE continues to be the only portable water purifier capable of removing all pathogens including bacteria, giardia, cryptosporidia, parasitic cysts AND VIRUSES as required by the EPA Guide Standard Protocol for Microbiological Purifiers without using chemicals or electricity.

The First Need XLE Elite is an exceptional and time proven system for outdoor recreation, international travel and emergency preparedness.  To find a dealer near you, for more information or to order now please visit the First Need XLE web page at