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Nature Pure QC2 Video

movie_reelMotorcaravan Motorhome Monthly Magazine (MMM), Britain’s best-selling motor-home magazine, produced an excellent video showing the installation of the new Nature Pure Quick Connect being installed in a small motor-home.

The video walks through the complete installation of a Nature Pure QC2 in a tight space and will be of interest to anyone considering installing either a Nature Pure or Seagull IV system in a RV or in a small boat.

Product Videos

A picture is a worth a thousand words…..  Videos featuring the Seagull IV and First Need XL water purifiers are now available on-line.

The first two videos are from General Ecology Europe and are high quality professionally produced videos that give an excellent overview of the Seagull IV and the First Need XL water purifiers.

The third video is from the Japanese distributor, Grand Dukes. Even though this video is in Japanese, the some what “epic” nature of it makes it very interesting to watch. The scenes from Somalia remind us of the terrible suffering people face in much of the world.

I also came across some really good customer videos and reviews but I will leave them for my next post……