Over the last 13 years as the master Canadian distributor for General Ecology, Inc.’s water purification systems, I have had the privilege of having numerous conversations with people from coast to coast.

What an amazing array of topics we have discussed! As water is a quintessential element of life, it touches on the things that we hold dear above all else, health, home & community.

What we share is how deeply we are concerned about the quality of life. I feel humble that people reach for our products to maintain or improve the quality of life for themselves, their families and their communities.

The General Ecology community is an extremely diverse one, adventurers, humanitarians, ice cream makers and yacht builders. Somehow, I hope that this blog, our Facebook page and our Twitter feed can introduce us to each other and extend the conversation.

John Gronan
The Environment Technology Group
Canadian Distributors of General Ecology, Inc.